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Pioneer Learning Trust

Pursuing Excellence and Equity

About Us

The Pioneer Trust is a small but growing Trust of collaborative schools in Luton.  The Trust currently consists of 3 larger than average primary schools – Chantry Primary Academy, Southfield Primary Academy and Whitefield Primary Academy.  We have approximately 1500 pupils in the Trust taught and supported by around 300 staff.  We plan to grow to 7 schools with 3000+ pupils in the next 2-3 years.  We welcome interest from academies or maintained schools interested in joining a Trust focused on partnership and collaboration in the pursuit of excellence and equity for all pupils.

Serving communities with high levels of deprivation, our school leaders, teachers and support staff are focused on closing the gap between the most disadvantaged pupils and their non-disadvantaged peers, ensuring that all pupils achieve the best possible outcomes.  Standards in our schools are good and improving, with staff working tirelessly to ensure that children make better than average progress from low starting points.

With special provision for pupils with visual impairment in Chantry, alongside specialist support and provision for children with social, emotional and mental health issues in both Chantry and Whitefield, we are well placed to make a significant difference in the lives of some of the most disadvantaged pupils in Luton.

Working collaboratively within the Pioneer Learning Trust, our group of academies will pursue excellence and equity for every child through our shared vision:

  • To develop and promote a curriculum relevant to the children in each school within the trust, which has the breadth and depth of the National Curriculum
  • Maintain a relentless drive to raise achievement and maximise the potential of all pupils and adults within the MAT
  • Provide safe and inclusive learning environments which meet the needs of all of our learners
  • Make learning enjoyable and promote and foster a love of learning
  • Provide a rich offer of extra-curricular and enhancement opportunities to broaden the horizons of all pupils
  • Maintain the unique identity, values and integrity of each individual school within the Trust at the same time as rigorously holding leaders to account for pupil outcomes
  • School leaders challenge each other and overcome barriers together to achieve excellence
  • Recruit and retain the highest possible quality staff, providing excellent induction, CPD and progression opportunities
  • Work in partnership to provide innovative, reciprocal and collaborative practices to achieve best value

The Pioneer Learning Trust academies will work collaboratively with our shared values:

Aspiration  ~  Respect  ~  Unity  ~  Integrity  ~  Independence ~  Quality  ~  Enjoyment