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About us 

What Do We Do?

Eat Right @ Pioneer Learning Trust is committed to providing the highest quality food in accordance with School Food Regulations legislation 2014 and the Food Safety Act 1990. We pride ourselves on catering to all lifestyle, religious and dietary requirements safely. We operate within a well-maintained environment, employing well-trained people, using robust processes and sourcing quality products. Our schools and staff are committed to the vision of the trust and work collaboratively to achieve this.

The catering service operates to provide school food to around 5,000 children per week across the Pioneer Learning Trust. Each school has a dedicated team led by a Kitchen Manager and further supported by a Catering Support Manager for the Trust. This effective structure allows not only for a successful food service operation but also allows an individual bespoke approach to each school’s vision through menu choice, service, theme days, special events, catering functions and parent/pupil engagement. You will have access to all of the proven successful school food management tools currently employed by the trust and we will work with you to realise your vision whilst maintaining the same robust safety processes and procurement advantages that being part of the trust can offer.

Pioneer Learning Trust can help you take back control of your catering services. Our catering service can help you bring your lunchtime arrangements in-house by working alongside our partnership team, to help your vision for the lunchtime experience become realised, for both staff and students.


Why Join Us?

By joining the Pioneer Learning Trust you can be in total control of the direction your food offering provision goes in, freeing up your time in confidence knowing everything is being managed safely. We will work closely with you in continuous communication ensuring what you hope to achieve is being realised. We will as required bring along our partners to help us achieve this across all areas of the catering service so you can remain confident in your offer and our management of it. The Pioneer Learning Trust has the tools to take your vision and turn it into a reality, total control with total peace of mind.

You can take your catering in-house and have it done your way, not how an external company tells you it has to be done. We can support you to take it in-house with a dedicated support manager to be the first point of contact to deal with any problems, as well as below: 


What can we offer?

Creative menu support
• Pick your favourite meals and dishes you know work.
• Create a bespoke menu to suit your school's needs
• Enhance engagement through visual menus.

Tasty recipes

• Access thousands of dishes via our system.
• All allergens pre-done through the ordering system portal.
• Streamlined methods and recipes for the team to easily follow.

Food safety 1990
• All compliance processes to meet current legislation.
• Records held on the system for review or inspection.
• Approved through governing bodies for use in Schools.

Allergenic compliance
• Each dish is allergen-managed at a recipe stage.
• Tablet screen at lunch to highlight each pupil's requirements.
• Back up fail safes to further protect requirements.

School food reg. 2014
• Test and try verification of your menu to check if it meets guidelines.
• Adjust and amend any type of food choice to comply with legislation.
• Fully checked approval of your menu ready to produce.

HR support
• Recruitment and selection.
• Training, performance and absence management.
• Probation reviews, development plans and appraisals.

Compliance signage
• Full signage audit upon sign-up.
• Production and installation of all signage.
• Regular checks and replacement on an ongoing basis.

Theme days
• Full autonomy over any theme days.
• Menu choice to match theme.
• Merchandising materials to increase engagement.

• Online access for all food safety courses.
• Onsite Training for all levels and skill sets.
• Ability to manage any bespoke requirements

• Procurement of all Kitchen operational items.
• Maintenance and Preventative Planned maintenance.
• Fault to Fix process management.

Pest control
• Implementation of robust control via partnership with Ecolab.
• Ongoing monitoring and implementation of recommendations.
• Maintaining premises to ensure compliance.

Audit & Compliance
• Full review and implementation of food safety compliance.
• Ongoing regular checks of records and processes.
• Half-termly audit with subsequent action plan and follow-up.

• Increased buying power through the Trust procurement system.
• Easy to use order and invoice platform.
• Finance departmental guidance and helpdesk support.

• Access to a wide range of support personnel and services.
• Local support from schools as required ad hoc.
• Provision of a Catering Support Manager to oversee operations.


Our food 

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Theme Days 

Why not take a look at some of our recent 'cultural theme day' menus?

Caribbean Day American Day World Book Day 

 Chinese New Year Diwali Mexican Day 




Catering Services Brochure Download our Catering Service Brochure here



Our partners

Relish School Food and Pioneer Learning Trust are proud to work together to ensure all of our food conforms to the school food standards guidelines. Relish provides our internal ordering system that combines parental pre-ordering, allergen management, lunchtime service and the interactive lunch experience.



 Tristar Catering Solutions ensure the correct equipment and machinery in our kitchens and ensure it is safe and maintained to a high standard.


Nella maintain our tools of the trade to ensure we use the best utensils and relevant equipment we can.


Ecolab are professionals at ensuring unwanted pests are kept at bay and provide support in proactively managing this aspect of the operation.


Dennys is our catering uniform partner. As well as cook excellent food, our team look professional while doing it too.



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