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Central Support Services

Being part of our Multi Academy Trust unlocks a wealth of central services designed to streamline school operations and free up valuable time and resources for what matters most – the children in our Trust.

Our catering service takes the burden off the headteachers plate; offering nutritious and cost-effective meal options for students and staff. Schools benefit from economies of scale, ensuring high-quality food at a competitive price.

Likewise, our premises team handles building maintenance and repairs, ensuring a safe and functional learning environment. This allows our schools to focus on core educational activities without the hassle of managing building issues.

A dedicated HR department provides expert guidance and support on all personnel matters, from recruitment and onboarding to performance management and employee relations. This not only reduces school's administrative burdens but also ensures access to the latest best practices in human resources.

We have a centralised finance team that offers a robust support system. They handle tasks like budgeting, requisitions, orders and all things accounting ensuring accuracy and compliance. We work with each school leadership team to focus on strategic financial planning and resource allocation.

Our IT team provides a reliable and secure technology infrastructure. Whether it's network management, software support, or equipment procurement, our support team ensure each school has the tools and resources necessary for effective learning in the digital age.

In essence, by leveraging central MAT services, our schools gain access to a team of specialists who handle the back-office functions, allowing senior teams and all staff to dedicate their energy to providing the best possible educational experience for our students.

Get to know our Central Services Team here.