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IT Services

Joining a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) brings numerous benefits, and robust IT support is no exception. At Pioneer Learning Trust, we have a dedicated IT Service Team that is committed to ensuring reliability and performance of your network, allowing you to focus on teaching and learning.


Why Choose Our IT Services?

Unlike an IT support contractor, we are not in this for profit. Our primary goal is to ensure the reliability and efficiency of all of our school networks and day-to-day IT operations. 



Our team has a wealth of experience in primary education and understands its unique needs and challenges. With a data driven approach, we work closely with each school to develop IT strategies that align with the individual school’s educational goals and contribute to the trust’s continual improvement.


Streamlined Operations

We manage IT systems proactively, ensuring smooth daily operations and minimising downtime. From network maintenance to device support, we take care of the tech, so teachers can focus on the children.


Enhanced Security

We prioritise data safety with robust cybersecurity measures, protecting sensitive information and ensuring a secure learning environment for all.



As part of a MAT, we leverage economies of scale to optimise each school's IT budget. Larger projects are robustly tendered with necessary due diligence, in order to access advanced technology solutions at competitive rates,  which in turn, frees up resources for other educational priorities.


Proactive Support

We are available to address IT needs with swift and reliable support. Our centralised Help Desk is accessed by all members of our team, to ensure swifter responses. Assistance is available via phone, email, remote access, and on-site visits, minimising disruptions and maximising classroom up-time.


Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuous refreshment in educational technology. We work with each school to proactively identify and implement solutions to future-proof the IT infrastructure and avoid costly outlays.

Joining Pioneer Learning Trust gives schools the option of a dedicated IT Service team that supports each school's success every step of the way. We are not just technicians; we consider ourselves part of each school's team, working together to ensure all staff have the right tools and equipment to be as efficient as possible.


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