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Our Operational Support Team

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Central Team (ID 2277)

  • Jon Briggs
    Chief Finance & Operations Officer
  • Michelle Williams
    Finance Officer
  • Tracy Wright
    Finance Officer

Human Resources

Human Resources (ID 2281)

  • Mel Clarke
    HR Manager
  • Gemma Patterson
    Recruitment Officer



Site Team (ID 2278)

  • Darren Coates
    Premises & Facilities Manager
  • David Wright
    Site Agent
  • Harrison Coates
    Site Agent
  • Basil Singh
    Site Agent



Catering Team (ID 2280)

  • Paul Ward
    Catering Support Manager



IT Service (ID 2279)

  • Richard Harvey
    IT Service Manager
  • Bernadette Melrose
    IT Technician
  • John Taylor
    IT Technician