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Examples of possible support - 

Providing bespoke outreach/consultancy/training to other schools in:

-  Primary English

-  Raising standards in KS2

-  Developing the teaching of writing using the principles of Talk for Writing

- Developing teaching and learning strategies

-  Promoting a culture of reading

-  Developing whole class reading

-  Outstanding teaching and learning

- T4W and VIPERs expertise

Joanne Lunn

Based at Chantry Primary Academy

Joanne is an experienced primary practitioner having worked in a variety of primary schools for over 20 years. During this time, she has developed a passion for English and her role as English Lead has covered KS1 and KS2. She has led schools in raising standards in reading and writing.

In addition to this, she has been part of the Senior Leadership Team and developed strategies, projects and whole-school initiatives to raise standards across the school.



Examples of possible support -

Providing bespoke outreach/consultancy/training to other schools in:

-  Providing support for ECTs and

   PGCE students

- Coaching Middle Leaders

-  Developing effective teaching and learning

-  Developing number fluency

-  Supporting the more able

-  Creating positive learning environments

-  Introducing a mastery curriculum in mathematics

Adrian Bee

Based at Southfield Primary Academy

Adrian is an experienced primary school teacher with accreditation as a Mathematics Specialist Teacher (MaST). He has in-depth knowledge of mathematics teaching and assessment and has helped introduce teaching for Mastery in a number of schools.

He has provided mentoring for ECTs and PGCE students and delivered bespoke mathematics CPD for ECTs across Luton.

Adrian has supported the development of Middle Leaders to improve teaching and learning and has provided courses to develop the mathematical understanding of teaching assistants.





Examples of possible support –

Providing bespoke outreach/consultancy/training to other schools in:


-  Whole school approaches to SEN

     and Inclusion

-  Leading SEN across a setting

-  Understanding and addressing barriers to learning

-  Working with TAs to support children

-  Differentiation and child-centred learning

-  Working with outside agencies

-  Understanding and supporting behaviour

Coralie Bordiak

Based at Chantry Primary Academy

Coralie is the Lead Practitioner of Inclusion at Chantry Primary Academy. She leads SEN and Inclusion across the school and works with a variety of professionals both in and out of school as well as closely with parents. Previously Coralie has led a behaviour support provision in Central Bedfordshire.

Coralie believes a whole school approach is needed to support children and is committed to ensuring all children receive the best education possible regardless of their needs. She regularly delivers training to staff to share best practice within school and for ECTs.





Examples of possible support – 

Providing bespoke outreach/consultancy/training to other schools in:

-  Support in the creation and set up of the G Suite system.

- Support with implementing the G suite system in the wider school environment

- Providing CPD to staff in getting the best out of G Suite


Darren Ruffett

Based at Southfield Primary Academy 

Darren has been teaching since 2012 and joined the Pioneer Learning Trust in January 2020 as Key Stage 1 Phase Leader. During his career, Darren has held a range of leadership roles.  

In his previous setting, Darren set up and transitioned the school over to a G Suite system; providing training and support to staff through CPD sessions.

During the National lockdown, Darren prepared and implemented the full G Suite resources for wider use with remote learning; again providing support to staff and parents/carers to ensure that they could access the resources needed, as quickly as possible.




Examples of possible support -

Providing bespoke outreach/consultancy/training to other schools in:

-  Assessment of learning

-  Effective feedback to pupils

-  Implementing curriculum and assessment models

- Workload management

- Effective classroom management

- Raising standards across the curriculum

- Supporting Year 6

Hannah Page

Based at Chantry Primary Academy 

Hannah started at Chantry Primary Academy in 2011 as an NQT and has held a range of leadership positions. She has been both an Assistant and Deputy Headteacher within the trust - specialising in Assessment for learning, Pupil Progress and Standards.

With proven experience in raising attainment through effective teaching and learning Hannah has also led on marking and feedback; delivering bespoke training to all schools within the trust.

Hannah has led on partnership working groups within the West Area Partnership to develop new assessment initiatives and implemented these across the trust.

Most recently she has led on assessment and marking feedback across two schools and supported the Trust in developing effective and robust reporting systems for whole-school assessment.





Examples of possible support -

Providing bespoke outreach/consultancy/training to other schools in: 

-  Curriculum reviews and Development

-  Effective teaching and learning, particularly in phonics and Talk for Writing

-  Middle Leaders coaching and mentoring

Sarah Baldwin

Based at Southfield Primary Academy

Sarah is an experienced Headteacher with 14 years of experience. She has been a class teacher from Nursery to Year 3 and a phase leader in both EYFS and KS1. Sarah has held Senior Leadership roles including Assistant Headteacher with a focus on Curriculum and Mentoring and Deputy Headteacher with a focus on Curriculum, Assessment, Pupil Premium and ITT/ECTs.

Sarah has coordinated several whole school curriculum reviews and developments, maintaining strong links to the national curriculum whilst meeting children’s needs Sarah is particularly interested in experiential learning and high-quality literature to enhance learning and has supported Curriculum Teams to develop intent and implementation strategies for their subject areas.

Sarah has significant experience in leading on and teaching phonics using Letters and Sounds, implementing and teaching English using Talk for Writing and mentoring and coaching trainees and ECTs.








Examples of possible support - 

Providing bespoke outreach/consultancy/training to other schools in:

-  Mastery approaches to support

- Quality maths teaching and learning

- Use of manipulatives to support and challenge EYFS - KS2

- Development in the use of the concrete, pictorial and abstract approaches in maths EYFS – KS2

- Developing fluency across the school EYFS - KS2

- Developing questioning in maths

- Bar modelling & Calculation strategies

- Implementation of a new whole-school approach

- Stem sentences and high-quality reasoning – EYFS – KS2

- Developing the subject leader

- Supporting and coaching staff

- Developing the Middle Leader

Lisa Phee

Based at Chantry Primary Academy

Lisa has worked with the Pioneer Learning Trust for 5 years leading maths and staff development across two schools in an executive leadership role.

Lisa has extensive experience in supporting schools with mathematics in her SLE role in a variety of ways from delivering staff training, working with school teams to improve the quality of teaching and learning of mathematics and supporting maths leaders. 

Lisa is an accredited primary maths specialist for the NCETM and leads teacher research groups for Enigma Maths Hub, supporting teachers in developing mastery approaches in their practice.  Through Enigma, Lisa visited schools in Shanghai where she was able to see high-quality mathematics being taught in the primary setting.

Lisa is a core tutor for the Shire Foundation and has delivered training to ECTs across two teaching school ECT Induction programmes.








Examples of possible support -

Providing bespoke outreach/consultancy/training to other schools in:

-  Primary Curriculum Inc. EYFS

-  Phonics teaching and assessment

-  Development of teaching and learning strategies particularly in KS1 and EYFS

-  Creating positive learning environments including behaviour management strategies

-  Children’s mental health and wellbeing

-  Understanding challenging behaviour (attachment and trauma-based behaviours)

- Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)

- How to support/mentor teacher trainees (ITT)

- How to support Early Careers Teachers

Jenni Lloyd

Based at Chantry Primary Academy 

Jenni started at Chantry Primary in 2001. She has taught in all primary year groups from EYFS to Year 6. She is now a Deputy Head with responsibility for teaching and learning in EYFS and KS1, ITT and all things pastoral.

Jenni has recently been instrumental in the overhaul of the entire curriculum at Chantry and is currently supporting other schools in the development of their own curriculum. She has written a bespoke Personal Wellbeing Curriculum which brings together PSHE, Values Education, Relationships, E-safety, mental health, protective behaviours and more!

She is passionate about the teaching of phonics and early reading and has successfully implemented and embedded effective phonics approaches in her school.

Her background in psychology has led to an interest in child development and she is able to provide advice and training for schools in attachment theory, behaviours for learning, brain based learning, mental health and wellbeing.

Jenni also has many years of experience mentoring both PGCE and ECT students and providing training in a range of areas for a number of organisations.





Examples of possible support -

Providing bespoke outreach/consultancy/training to other schools in: 

- Curriculum development 

- Effective teaching and learning

- Creating positive learning environments

- Coaching and developing middle leaders

Jamie Kelly

Based at Chantry Primary Academy 

Jamie is an experienced leader and teacher across Key Stage 2, having worked at his current school for 15 years. He has been involved in the development, refining and monitoring of his school’s curriculum; coaching and developing middle leaders and deploying a wide range of engaging strategies to motivate and inspire children.

Jamie has a passion for reading and this is reflected in the reading for pleasure ethos created in his classroom. Jamie is also the educational visits coordinator and believes it is essential that children are exposed to a range of experiences and opportunities outside of the classroom.





Examples of possible support –

Providing bespoke outreach/consultancy/training to other schools in:

-  Understanding and managing behaviours of concern, for staff at all levels of interaction with primary pupils.

-  PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) training

-  Training with a specific focus;  

   ASD/ADHD/Attachment – Understanding and 

   removing barriers to learning

-  Observations and reports to support referrals to

   outside agencies

-  Behaviour Surgeries, to offer support/advice

 Philippa Cooper

Based at Chantry Primary Academy 

A Behaviour Consultant for a partnership of 9 primary schools and overseeing the running of an 8 place, revolving door, behaviour provision, Philippa has 30 years’ experience as a primary teacher.

Philippa’s knowledge, gained in both ASD and SEMH specialist schools, is now applied in mainstream, to support staff in meeting the increasingly complex needs of children in inclusive mainstream settings and to ensure active engagement with learning and improved outcomes. As an RRN accredited tutor for Restrictive Physical Intervention, she advocates Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and delivers a range of bespoke training incorporating this. 





Examples of possible support –

Providing bespoke outreach/consultancy/training to other schools in:

-  Developing strategies through

    effective, measurable target setting

    to promote inclusion for children

    with SEND.

-  Supporting staff to understand and plan for a range of behaviours of concern.

-  Support for staff to develop wellbeing through approaches such as mindfulness.

- The delivery of a Restraint Reduction Network approved Positive Behaviour and Physical Interventions Training (Sherwood)

Nichola Comben

Based at Southfield Primary Academy

Nichola is an experienced primary school teacher and has worked specifically in SEND and inclusion for 10 years. She has worked as an Assistant Headteacher for the past two years and remains instrumental in coordinating provision for SEND as well as being the behaviour lead within the school and delivering positive behaviour support and physical interventions training across the trust.

Nichola collaborates with staff and external agencies to raise the promotion of mental health and wellbeing across the school.