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School Improvement Team

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School Improvement Team (ID 2276)

  • Cori Bateman
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Jamie Pardon
    Director of Education
  • Lisa Phee
    Director of Maths
  • Jo Lunn
    Children's Champion
  • Hannah Page
    Assessment and Standards
  • Adrian Bee
    Maths (Mastery Specialist)
  • Doug Leonard
    Maths (Mastery Specialist)
  • Rachel Owen
  • Coby Hitchcock
    Early Reading, Phonics and Early Years
  • Adam Nelson
    Ed Tech
  • Linda Godden
  • Amy Moye
    Teaching and Learning
  • Jake Gurney
    Year 6 Standards
  • Shaela Malik
    Year 6 Standards
  • Jenni Lloyd
    Pupil Wellbeing & Behaviour and ITT/ECT Mentoring
  • Phillipa Cooper
    Behaviour and SEND
  • Coralie Bordiak
  • Nichola Comben
    SEND/Inclusion & Sherwood Trainer