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School Improvement Services

In the context of our Trust vision and values our School Improvement Team provide robust challenge and alongside a collaborative approach and effective support for all our schools.

Our school improvement model focuses on an implementation cycle which begins with evaluation, moves into design and implementation with constant review and evaluation throughout.  This way we are able to identify what is working well and what to adapt and revise along the way for a successful change.  We work with schools closely, taking a collaborative approach, with a school review cycle providing valuable insights and recommendations for improvement, allowing each school to identify areas for growth and to consider targeted strategies for further improvement.

We understand the importance of strong leadership in schools which is why we work closely with school governors and headteachers, providing performance management support and leadership coaching alongside challenge and support. These services help our school leaders to hone their skills and navigate challenges, ultimately enhancing their effectiveness.

From curriculum design and development through to coaching and support for subject leaders, we work together to ensure that the curriculum is carefully sequenced and effectively delivered in all schools. Our curriculum specialists are experts in their fields, offering resources and guidance to ensure lessons are engaging and effective.

Recognising the importance of inclusion, we have specialists dedicated to supporting students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). These skilled staff work closely with schools to develop effective strategies for inclusion, ensuring all students feel valued and can reach their full potential.

Our Education Support Team offer a wide range of additional support services designed on a bespoke basis to meet the individual needs of your school.  With our comprehensive network of Specialist Leaders of Education, every school within our Multi Academy Trust or working with us on a Traded Service basis, has the resources and guidance needed to flourish.