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The Pioneer Promise

The Pioneer Promise – Opportunities for our Pupils

In the pursuit of excellence and equity our schools all commit to the Pioneer Promise, but what is the promise we make?

We are absolutely passionate about our pupils developing a love of reading, a passion for maths and a thirst for knowledge of the world around them, but we also want our children’s school days to be filled with memories of their friendships and experiences. Our promise is that we will fill our children’s school years with opportunities to be inspired and challenged, to experience excitement and adventure, to broaden their horizons, and to learn about people, community and the wider world beyond their classroom.

Schools in the Trust commit to making use of available funding to ensure affordability and access arrangement to enable equity for all pupils to participate in these experiences. We believe that through participation in opportunities offered through this promise our pupils will leave our schools better equipped for the next stage in their education and their future lives.